Business and Management Faculty 2018 webinars and events

Stay up-to-date by attending our webinars and events in 2018. We have a varied programme… Read more »

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Special report: IFRS briefing

These concise and easy to use briefing notes provide summaries of all the consolidated versions… Read more »

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IT support – Automated helpdesks

Having difficulties with your IT? Nowadays you can outsource your helpdesk support just like everything… Read more »

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Car fleets – value for moeny?

Other forces than just HMRC are at work to cause FDs and fleet managers company… Read more »

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Big data or big risk?

‘Big data’ is the tracking and use of personal information via the web. Alan Mitchell… Read more »

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Is Excel bad for you?

Here the experts share their views on spreadsheet strengths and weaknesses and whether they have… Read more »

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Administration tips for smaller businesses

Richard Stonier turns the page on top tips for small business owners to live happily… Read more »

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Cyber security – Reducing the risk of security breaches

In this one hour webinar, Mark Taylor presents practical tips on reducing the risk of… Read more »

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Information and knowledge management – The paperless office

Is the long awaited arrival of the truly digital office upon us? Kevin Salter explains… Read more »

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