Business and Management Faculty 2018 webinars and events

Stay up-to-date by attending our webinars and events in 2018. We have a varied programme… Read more »

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Economic update

The publication of 2013’s Spending Round in June revealed reductions to many areas of government… Read more »

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Thoughts that count

As technology develops, people are starting to realise that it is very important to be… Read more »

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KPI implementation

With the use of key performance indicator projects, it’s easy to be unsuccessful. David Parmenter… Read more »

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Is Excel bad for you?

Here the experts share their views on spreadsheet strengths and weaknesses and whether they have… Read more »

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Customer data – Buried treasure

While it may not be the most obvious asset, data can be worth a staggering… Read more »

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The age of big data

With companies like Google and Amazon building hugely successful business models data, how relevant is… Read more »

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Information and knowledge management – The paperless office

Is the long awaited arrival of the truly digital office upon us? Kevin Salter explains… Read more »

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Big Brother is watching…your transactions

“Continuous monitoring” sounds a bit sinister. It’s not – and it can prevent damage to… Read more »

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